About AFMA

The Arkansas Floodplain Management Association (AFMA) was formed in 1996 (and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2007) dedicated to promoting a common interest in flood damage abatement. AFMA facilitates cooperation and the exchange of information among individuals, organizations and government offices engaged in managing floodplains in Arkansas.

Organized under a constitution with bylaws, membership is open to all persons and organizations involved in floodplain management and related disciplines. AFMA encourages appropriate and effective approaches to managing floodplains while striving to educate the general public about floodplain management.

In cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Division (formerly the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission), AFMA administers an exam for those wishing to become Certified Floodplain Managers (CFM’s) and conducts a number of continuing education sessions throughout the year to maintain certification status. The exam is typically offered during the annual fall conference.

AFMA elects a board of directors and regional representatives to run the organization for a two-year term. These individuals are installed at the annual fall conference and serve as a resource for consultation regarding floodplain issues throughout Arkansas. They are assisted by volunteers from among the AFMA membership that participate on various committees to help the organization achieve many goals. Feel free to contact any of these floodplain managers with questions about flood mitigation in your area.

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