To promote those plans, projects, legislation, and ordinances that reduce the threat to the health and safety of the people of Arkansas due to flooding, decrease existing flood damages, and mitigate future flood damages.

To support comprehensive floodplain planning by an interdisciplinary team approach that is designed to achieve optimal integration of structural and nonstructural flood damage reduction techniques that are realistic, feasible, practical, and sensitive to natural system forces.

To promote basin-wide planning for solving flood problems that transcends political boundaries and jurisdiction.

To promote interstate coordination of flood damage abatement projects, programs, and ideas.

To disseminate scientifically-based information on floods and flood damage reduction to the public and decision makers and provide for a greater awareness of risk among existing and prospective floodplain users.

To promote the free and open exchange of ideas between and among the many disciplines and special interest groups that comprise the Association.

To objectively review proposals for flood damage reduction and recommend changes to those aspects of the plan which encourage unwise use of flood prone areas and will result in greater flood losses.

To encourage cooperation and coordination among all occupants of flood-prone lands so that flood damage reduction techniques will not adversely impact adjacent communities and individuals.

To advocate more detailed mapping and study of flood-prone areas and in particular the floodways.

To advance the exchange of information, concepts, and approaches for innovative techniques in flood damage reduction through the proper or effective coordination of activities of various agencies – federal, state, and local – involved in flood-related studies or work.

To provide and promote training and assistance programs to aid local governments in the development of rational, long-term flood damage reduction plans and programs.

To provide information in terms comprehensible by the general public.

To encourage applied and basic research directed at understanding flood processes and problems in Arkansas.

Dues are subject to the review and modification of the FULL members as established by duly adopted modification of the Bylaws.