AFMA Announcement

The administration released March 16 its ?skinny? budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2018. This proposal will severely impact several programs important to floodplain managers. For FEMA, this means the budget proposal removes all funding for flood mapping, and could significantly reduce funding or eliminate the pre-disaster mitigation (PDM) grant program.

Last week we indicated it was going to take an effort by all of us in the floodplain management community to protect the programs that we use and value. This is the first of several actions that will be taken by ASFPM and its members to combat these cuts. After conversations we had in D.C. over the past several days, it?s clear that reaching out to your members of Congress matters. Because so many programs and budgets have been cut, everyone will be rallying to support their particular program. That?s why you must act fast.

Please email or fax your Congress members about how important it is to keep funding for FEMA mapping and mitigation programs. Tell them (one house and two senators) they must protect FEMA?s flood mapping and PDM grant funding from budget cuts, and at least fund the same amount as appropriated in FY16, which was $190 million for flood mapping and $100 million for PDM. You must email or fax their Washington DC office. Do not use snail mail?it won?t get there in time! Be sure to let ASFPM know (email Larry at of any actions you have taken so we can keep track and follow up with members if needed.

Click here for the template email/fax you can use, and feel free to modify as you see fit (especially those elements in brackets).

In the House, you need to make this request by April 1. While the Senate does not yet have a deadline, we still urge you to let them know where you stand on this very important issue.