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Certified Floodplain Manager

Certified Floodplain Manager

Thank you for your interest in becoming a
Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM)!

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The Arkansas Floodplain Management Association, Inc. (AFMA) has been recognized as an Accredited Chapter through the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM), which is recognized as the authority on floodplain management throughout the Nation. Through this recognition, AFMA, along with ASFPM and other Accredited Chapters, established the Certified Floodplain Manager program. This program recognizes continuing education and professional development to enhance the knowledge and performance of local, state, federal, and private-sector floodplain managers.

Due to increases in disasters and flood losses, the role of the floodplain manager is expanding and drawing more attention, as most floodplain managers come from a wide range of careers and backgrounds. This certification program lays the foundation for ensuring highly qualified individuals are available to meet the challenge of breaking the current cycle of flood losses; thus stopping its negative drain on the nation’s human, financial, and natural resources.

The formation of a professional certification program is recognized as an effective means to:

  • Formalize a procedure to recognize and provide an incentive for individuals to improve their knowledge of floodplain management concepts;
  • Enhance individual professional development goals;
  • Promote an understanding of relevant subject matter that is consistent nationwide;
  • Convey new concepts and practices; and
  • Build partnerships among organizations and agencies that share the goal of advancing sound floodplain management.

Applicants desiring to obtain initial designation as a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM®) must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Become a Full Member before you submit an application to take the CFM® exam. There are many benefits:
  • Extensive industry training and educational opportunities
  • Fall Conference
  • Spring Workshop
  • National Certified Floodplain Manager program
  • Website: reference information about AFMA, online registration for conferences, payment of annual dues
  • Interaction opportunities with fellow professionals in your field, sharing experiences, providing support and promoting goodwill through flood mitigation activities across the state.
The CFM® application and fee must be returned to the Professional Development & Certification Chair for review and approval before proceeding with the CFM® process.
Click here to explore your options on taking the exam.
Please note the CFM® exam will no longer be administered on paper!! All CFM® Exams, starting on January 1, 2023, have been moved to a digital format.
The following steps must be completed FIRST before you will be authorized to take the digital CFM® exam:
  1. Join AFMA and pay the member dues.
  2. Complete the online CFM application and the pay the $35 application fee.
  3. After review of application and approval by AFMA, the candidate will be provided with an additional one-page digital form for completion and submission prior to receiving final approval to take the exam. Candidates are required to complete and submit this form to ASFPM through the instructions on the one-page form, including payment information for the additional $85 digital exam fee, prior to being granted approval to sign-up for one of the exam options.
  • All candidates residing in Arkansas must complete the two steps with AFMA first, before the final step with ASFPM is authorized.
  • There is a minimum 30 day period prior to in-person exam offerings.
  • CFM application and exam fees are valid for 1-year ONLY.
  • Once approved for the exam, the candidate has 1 year to take the exam.
  • The exam fee is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another individual. If you have any questions, contact the AFMA office.
This is a list of materials / links which may be helpful in studying for the CFM exam. This list is not intended to be all inclusive, or to “teach to the exam”, but contains useful information when preparing for the CFM exam.
Upon taking the CFM® exam digitally through ASFPM, you will immediately be notified of your score, and AFMA will also be notified.
Questions and comments can be directed to:
Shawn Jackson, GISP, CFM, PDCC Chair
Lee Beshoner, PE, CFM, PDCC Vice Chair

Once an individual obtains certification, the following activities are required for biennial renewal of certification:

  • Continuous and Full Membership in AFMA;
  • Documented evidence of 16 hours worth of continuing education credits (CECs) in a two-year period (online);
  • Completion of Biennial Renewal Application (online); and
  • Payment of CFM renewal fee.


Questions about the CFM Program?

Mrs. Natalie Rogers, PE, CFM
CFM Program Coordinator
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CFM® is a registered trademark of the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM).

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