CEC Policy

CEC Policy

CEC Policy

Continuing Education Credit Policy

In maintaining certification status, the certified floodplain manager (CFM®) must stay abreast of emerging floodplain policies and management concepts to help reduce flood losses in Arkansas (as well as throughout the country) and to protect and enhance the natural resources and functions of their floodplains.

To verify that a CFM is taking appropriate actions to maintain and improve knowledge of floodplain management, this document sets forth procedures to establish and review continuing education credits (CECs).

PDCC Review Process
In general, the professional development certification committee (PDCC) review process will include the following:

  • Upon initial certification, the CFM will be reminded by letter of the CEC process and requirements.
  • Certification must be renewed every two years.
  • A minimum of 16 CECs over the two-year period is required.
  • No more than 12 CECs can be claimed in any one year and no more than eight CECs can be claimed for parallel discipline education / training in the two-year training cycle.
  • Approximately two months prior to renewal, the CFM will receive a reminder letter discussing the CEC requirements, the renewal process, and a list of reported CECs to date. Included in this notice, the CFM will receive a renewal application, a billing statement, and CEC verification forms to complete the biennial renewal.
  • Certification renewal will take place on either of two dates: March 31 or October 31. The specific renewal date for an individual CFM will depend upon the date of original certification. This date shall be the calendar day closest to the original certification date.
  • On or before March 31 or October 31 of the renewal year (whichever is applicable to the individual), CFMs should submit a renewal application, a renewal fee, and CECs for review by the PDCC. Renewing CFMs should attach an agenda and certificate (if issued) to each CEC form when seeking credit for a specific course, workshop, or training class.
  • CFMs meeting the minimum qualifications for renewal as outlined in the program charter for professional certification of floodplain managers will be notified no later than May 1 or December 1 of each renewal year, unless the application is submitted late. CFMs not fulfilling the requirements for renewal by June 1 or January 1 will be notified that their certificates have expired. Specifics of reinstatement of certification are addressed in Section X (E) of the program charter.

Continuing Education Credits (CECs)
The requirement for continuing education within the specified two-year period can be met through any combination of formal courses approved by the PDCC:

  • University short courses.
  • Home study courses.
  • On-line courses.

Attendance at the technical portions of any of the following events will also qualify:

And workshops provided by:

  • Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC).
  • Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM).
  • Other appropriate Arkansas state agencies.
  • Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM).
  • Regional floodplain association conferences & workshops.
  • Related technical conferences.

Detailed CEC Requirements
A minimum of 16 CECs over a two-year period is required to maintain certification status. No more than 12 CECs can be claimed during either the first or second year of each renewal period. This is intended to encourage balanced, continuing education / training of the CFM. No more than six CECs can be claimed during either the first or second year for parallel discipline education / training.

CEC education / training activities will be reviewed by the PDCC using the following as guidance:

  • Directly Related Floodplain Disciplines
    One CEC will be credited per hour of education / training. Examples of directly related floodplain disciplines include, but are not limited to:

  • Indirect or Parallel Floodplain Disciplines
    One CEC will be credited per two hours of education / training. Examples of parallel floodplain disciplines include, but are not limited to:

    • Emergency management courses.
    • Wetland / 404 permitting.
    • NPDES permitting.
    • Other disciplines including surveying, engineering, and landscape architecture.

    The content of the education / training attended by the CFM will be compared to the certification exam categories that are intended to measure an individual?s knowledge of a community?s responsibilities under the NFIP and related floodplain management topics. These categories include:

    • Overall context of floodplain management.
    • Floodplain mapping.
    • NFIP regulatory standards.
    • Regulatory administrative procedures.
    • Flood insurance.
    • Flood hazard mitigation.
    • Natural and beneficial function of floodplains.
  • Teaching
    A one-time credit will be awarded to CFMs that prepare and offer instruction for a related subject course. Two CECs for every one hour of instruction will be awarded. A CFM can only receive the teaching credit award once every five years unless a substantial revision to the course has been made.

  • Verification of Attendance
    The following documents are required to provide proof of attendance at a qualifying CEC event.
  • AFMA-sponsored conferences & workshops:

    • An official certificate of attendance indicating CECs earned.

    Other training, conferences & workshops:

    • An agenda of the event.
    • An official certificate of attendance indicating CECs earned (if available).