Decertification Policy

Decertification Policy

Decertification Policy

A. A (CFM?) may be decertified for failure to fulfill the requirements specified in AFMA?s Certification ?Program Charter? by the renewal date.

B. A (CFM?) may be decertified for unprofessional conduct if one of the following occurs:

(1) Conviction of a crime or any felony directly related to his or her professional duties;
(2) Falsification, intentional destruction, or modification of official records or documents relating professional duties, or otherwise knowingly provided misleading information related to duties or floodplain management;
(3) Acceptance or solicitation of money or anything of value directly or indirectly that may be expected to influence actions or judgment in a manner outside of commonly acceptable practices or values;
(4) Use of position in an illegal, dishonest, or unprofessional way to influence or gain a financial or other benefit, advantage or privilege for benefit or for benefit of immediate family or organization with which he or she is associated; or(5)Violation of the Code of Professional Conduct.

C. Information regarding unprofessional conduct of a (CFM?) must be submitted to the AFMA?s Board of Directors in writing. No anonymous submittals will be accepted. If the Chair of the Professional Development and Certification Committee (PDCC) determines that consideration of decertification may be warranted, the charges and all supporting documentation will be provided to the (CFM?) by certified mail. The CFM shall have 30 days upon receipt thereof to respond in writing to the charges.

D. If a (CFM?) has not fulfilled the renewal requirements by the biennial renewal date or has not responded to the charges of unprofessional conduct by the specified deadline, a letter will be forwarded to the individual by certified mail which states that the individual may no longer use the designation as ?AFMA Certified Floodplain Manager? or use the Registered Trademark CFM? in any way for a period of time specified in the letter. He/she may reapply to take the CFM? exam after that date.

E .If the CFM does submit the appropriate papers by the deadline, the procedures in AFMA?s ?Program Charter? will be followed.

In signing this document, I acknowledge that I have carefully read and fully understand the foregoing decertification policy and procedure, and I voluntarily accept its application to my continued standing as a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM?).