AFMA Announcement

The new Elevation Certificate and new Dry Floodproofing Certificate have been approved and should be used going forward through 06/30/2026.  Also included with the July 7 announcement from FEMA’s Flood Insurance Directorate is an attachment providing updated underwriting guidance on how to use the revised EC form for first floor height.

In addition, we have been informed that for CRS reviews, they will strictly use the date the form is official. So, if a surveyor signs it on July 7, 2023, it must be the new form, or it will be marked as an Error on their EC. They held to that line the last EC transition period and they will do the same this time as well. This is based on FEMA guidance in the past and a confirmation of this policy again as they went through the review process of this new EC.

You can read more here 

Note: If you get a “Please Wait” error when trying to download the new Elevator Certificate form, it’s due to some incompatibility issues with the alternative PDF viewer used by certain browsers. Here’s a work around:

  • Right click on the Download File link and select “save link as”
  • Save it to your PC
  • Once it’s on your PC, you should be able to open it.