AFMA Announcement

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. ? Disaster recovery officials from the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management and FEMA urge disaster-impacted Arkansas municipalities in Fulton and Searcy counties to get Requests for Public Assistance (RPAs) to ADEM no later than Aug. 18.

The request is an official, required notification to FEMA that a municipality will seek FEMA?s 75 percent reimbursement for eligible disaster-related infrastructure repairs (roads, bridges, parks, public utilities, etc.); disaster debris removal and emergency protective measures caused by the disaster, such as police overtime.

Municipalities in Fulton and Searcy counties may fax the one-page request form to ADEM at 501-683-7890, or email the form to The state has provided detailed information to potential applicants on how to proceed. Upon receipt of the RPAs, FEMA conducts exploratory calls with applicants to discuss potential disaster repair projects.

Municipalities in Fulton and Searcy counties impacted by the severe storms, tornadoes, straight-line winds and flooding must have incurred damage between April 26 and May 19. Deferred maintenance repairs are not reimbursed.

For updates on the Arkansas response and recovery, follow the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (@AR_Emergencies) on Twitter and Facebook and Additional information is available at