Member Alert: New Elevation Certificate Update

Member Alert: New Elevation Certificate Update

Member Alert: New Elevation Certificate Update

As many of you are aware, in a WYO Program Bulletin dated Jan. 6, 2016, FEMA released the updated Elevation Certificate. It was quickly noted that there were numerous issues with the EC and FEMA never officially released it on the FEMA website. Since that time, many calls, complaints, concerns and criticisms have been received by different ASFPM committees and the executive office. Likewise, several different explanations on what could or could not be used have been shared, but nothing official in writing from FEMA Headquarters.

Recent information from FEMA HQ indicates:
The screen-fillable version of the EC has been removed from FEMA.gov after problems were discovered with its functionality. I-Services is in the process of testing it, and a corrected version should be available on our website by the end of this month.

In the meantime, the soft copy is published as part of the April 2016 Flood Insurance Manual, Special Certification Section. While not ideal, the form may be printed and hand-written and certified, if necessary. For insurance purposes, we will continue to accept elevation information that is properly completed and certified submitted on a different format, meaning other than the November 15 EC.

If communities are participating in the CRS program and ECs are required for floodplain management purposes, we will continue to accept properly completed and certified elevation information on a different format, as stated above, until the new form is available.

FEMA will update us if any updated information becomes available.

Please share this information locally with appropriate staff and related stakeholders. We will provide additional information as we receive it.