AFMA MembershipMembership in the Arkansas Floodplain Management Association includes representatives from all levels of government (floodplain administrators, permit officials, emergency managers, agency personnel) and the private sector (planners, engineers, and surveyors).

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There are four classifications of members in AFMA:

  • FULL ($20/year) – Members are public or private professionals or elected officials involved in floodplain management.
  • ASSOCIATE ($15/year) – Members are non-governmental professionals not primarily involved in full-time floodplain management.
  • STUDENT ($10/year) – Members are registered, full or part-time students interested in floodplain management.
  • CORPORATE ($50/year) – The individual is a designated employee of a corporation or firm involved in engineering, consulting, or other floodplain management activities that is an AFMA corporate sponsor. As a sponsor, the company receives one Full Membership for a designated employee.

All memberships run from January 1st – December 31st for that calendar year, unless a membership is paid for after October 1st or the Fall Conference (which ever is later). At which point, the membership is extended through to the following calendar year.

Full members of AFMA are considered voting members, while Associate members do not have the ability to vote on Association business. Student members are full or part-time students with an interest in flood management. Although students cannot vote, they may participate on committees and are encouraged to attend the Spring and Fall Conferences. In addition, your membership qualifies you for a lower rate for your Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) fee, registrations at the Spring and Fall Conferences, and the ability to serve on the various committees AFMA offers

Spring WorkshopAFMA’s strength lies in its diverse membership, which represents a wide range of people. Membership also allows those interested to be a part of the AFMA Board, which is made up of an Executive Director, Past Chairman, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. Additionally, the Board of Directors seats five representatives from the five regions of the state. The Regional Representatives work with the Board of Directors to help develop responses to issues when the board chooses to comment on issues of state or national concern; distribute information to their regional members; and bring ideas from the region to the board. We encourage you to become active in AFMA.

Benefits of Membership

  • Lower rate for your Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) fee, registrations at the Spring and Fall Conferences;
  • The ability to serve on the various committees AFMA offers;
  • Training and educational opportunities at the annual Spring Workshop and Fall Conferences;
  • National Certified Floodplain Manager program member;
  • Annual newsletter including state and federal industry news and updates, committee reports and more;
  • Website with online registration for conferences, payment of annual dues, and renewal of CFM accreditation; and
  • Opportunities to network with fellow floodplain professionals, share experiences, provide support and promote goodwill through flood mitigation activities across the state.

The first step in joining is to create an account. Once you have an account, you can submit your membership application.