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Inside This Edition November 2006
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Sherman Smith
Sherman Smith, PE, CFM
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Sherman has been the director of public works for Pulaski County since 1997 and manages several county departments including roads & bridges, sanitation, animal services, planning & development, and the office of emergency management. He has been involved with AFMA since its initial formation in 1996 and has served the organization in a variety of capacities including regional representative, chairman, and in 2005 as executive director. Sherman became a certified floodplain manager in 2002 and was named Arkansas Floodplain Manager of the Year by AFMA also in 2002. He is a frequent speaker and trainer on the subjects of floodplain management and proper surveying techniques at AFMA conferences and technical sessions.
Jay Whisker
Jay Whisker, PE, CFM
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Jay is the city engineer for the city of Jacksonville and has been involved with AFMA since 2000. His responsibilities in Jacksonville include: engineering, code enforcement, building inspection, and floodplain management. Jay has been a certified floodplain manager since 2001 and has served AFMA through the years in a variety of capacities including regional representative, vice-chairman, and in 2006 as chairman.
Conrad Battreal
Conrad Battreal, PE, CFM
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Conrad is a senior floodplain manager for Little Rock-based FTN Associates Ltd., a company that specializes in solving client problems related to the impacts of human activities on the environment. With approximately 40 years of floodplain management experience, he has managed, directed and supervised more than 160 flood insurance and flood hazard studies. Conrad has previously served AFMA as chairman in 2003 and 2004, and has been a member of the organization since its inception in 1996. He is a registered professional engineer and has been a certified floodplain manager since 2000. He was among the first group to be certified in Arkansas. Conrad is the first recipient of the Arkansas Floodplain Manager of the Year award, which is presented annually at the AFMA fall conference.
Jim Narey
Jim Narey, CFM
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Jim is the director of planning for the city of Maumelle and has more than 10 years of experience in floodplain management. Previously he worked for Pulaski County where he performed a dual role as planning director and floodplain administrator. Involved with AFMA since 1998, Jim has served the organization in a variety of capacities including central representative, vice-chairman, and in 2002 as chairman. A CFM since 2000, Jim was among the first group to be certified in Arkansas. He is a recipient of the James Lee Witt Award for Floodplain Management Excellence on the Local Level, which was presented at the 2001 ASFPM national conference. In 2006, AFMA presented its Floodplain Community of the Year award to the city of Maumelle. Under Jim’s direction, the city of Maumelle received special recognition by AFMA for training excellence in 2003, 2004 and 2005.
Marie Wilson
Marie Wilson, CFM
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Marie has been the clerk, treasurer and recorder for the city of Wooster since 1975. As if that wasn’t enough, she also serves on the board of other city departments like parks & recreation and the planning department. Marie is the Wooster floodplain coordinator and is a member of the Keep Faulkner County Beautiful Committee. She has been involved with AFMA and has served as the organization’s secretary since 2001. She became a certified floodplain manager in 2002.
Beth Dial
Beth Dial , CFM
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Beth is the deputy coordinator for the Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management. She has been with the organization for almost nine years and is working toward becoming a certified emergency manager (CEM). Beth has been involved with AFMA since 1998 and has served as treasurer for the last eight years. Among her AFMA duties, Beth manages the organization’s membership database, coordinates conference registrations, and most importantly - keeps track of the finances. She became a certified floodplain manager in 2000 and was among the first group to be certified in Arkansas.
Conrad Battreal
Welcome to the new and improved Flood Zone! It’s a new format and a new medium for the official newsletter of AFMA. We have been working the last several months to bring this exciting new communication tool to our members, and it’s my pleasure to illustrate how the new Flood Zone can aid your floodplain management efforts.
AFMA will no longer produce the quarterly eight-page color version of Flood Zone. Many organizations like ours have effectively transitioned from paper to some form of electronic communication. We know your time is valuable and our goal is to promote floodplain awareness and pass along critical floodplain management information in a timely, yet concise manner.
Flood Zone will now serve as an e-bulletin with headlines you can quickly scan. Each headline will contain a link that will take you to the appropriate web site for the complete article should you wish to read it. Original AFMA articles will reside permanently on our web site and can be found in the AFMA News section. So if you miss something, or need to refer back to information at a later time, a simple search will retrieve the results you need.
Even though you are receiving this first edition of the new Flood Zone, the new AFMA web site will not launch until January 2007. A preview of the new site was offered at the fall conference in Hot Springs and many of you saw how easy it will be to register for technical sessions, track your continuing education credits (for CFMs only), contact AFMA board members, and share your experiences in an online forum dedicated exclusively to floodplain management in Arkansas.
Additionally, membership renewals will now be handled through email. Beginning in December, notices will be sent to remind you that the annual membership fee is now due. Simply follow the renewal instructions in the email and enjoy another full year of the many benefits AFMA has to offer in 2007.
If you couldn’t join us for the 2006 annual fall conference in Hot Springs, you missed a wonderful opportunity to visit with a great group of professionals dedicated to floodplain management in Arkansas. An entire new slate of officers was elected at this meeting and you can read all about the people that will lead AFMA throughout 2007 in this and subsequent editions of Flood Zone. This month I am pleased to introduce the executive committee.
I hope you enjoy becoming familiar with the new Flood Zone and are looking forward to the launch of the new AFMA web site. As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome, at any time.
Conrad Battreal, PE, CFM
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