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Inside This Edition November 2008
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Northwest Representative
  Troy Davis
  Troy Davis, CFM
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Troy has been employed with the city of Bentonville since 1999 and currently serves as the senior mapper in the community development department. He maintains all maps, both paper and digital (and the data sets associated with each), to ensure integrity of the city’s geographic information system (GIS) Web site. A certified floodplain manager since 2002, Troy became the floodplain administrator in 2004 for this city that has participated in the NFIP since 1992 and maintains a community rating system (CRS) of 8. As floodplain administrator, Troy oversees all functions and permitting within the special flood hazard area (SFHA).
Southwest Representative
Denny McPhate
Denny McPhate, CFM
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Denny is the public works operations manager for the city of Hot Springs and oversees six divisions for the municipality including: engineering, streets, traffic, property maintenance, storm water and urban forestry. He also serves as credit rating coordinator for the city’s participation in the NFIP. Denny became a certified floodplain manager in 2005 and has more than 24 years of construction management experience in a variety of areas including residential, commercial, industrial and municipal construction.
Central Representative
Jack Fleming
Jack Fleming, CFM
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Jack is the chief hydrologist for North Little Rock-based Marlar Engineering Company, Inc., an organization that has played a vital role in the growth of central Arkansas and continues to play a part in improving the quality of life in the Natural State. With more than 30 years of experience in the engineering field, Jack provides design services for storm water collection and detention systems, erosion control, wastewater collection systems and public water supply systems. He is certified in wetlands delineation, erosion control design and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers software applications HEC RAS and HEC HMS. A certified floodplain manager since 2002, Jack holds masters degrees in biology, earth science, hydrology, meteorology and climatology.
Northeast Representaive
Teddy Hooton
Teddy Hooton, PE, CFM
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Teddy is a production engineer for the Jonesboro plant of Scurlock Industries- a pre-cast concrete product company in operation since 1953. Previously he served as street superintendent for the city of Jonesboro from July 2004 to November 2007. Teddy was floodplain administrator for the city when Jonesboro was awarded Floodplain Community of the year by AFMA in 2007. His career in floodplain management started back in 1995 when he began working for Jonesboro as the city’s assistant engineer. Teddy managed three divisions (construction, maintenance, and drainage), each of which played an important part in floodplain management throughout the city. He is a registered professional engineer and became a certified floodplain manager in 2005.
Southeast Representative
Beth Dial
Beth Dial, CFM
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Beth is the deputy coordinator for the Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management. She has been with the organization for more than 10 years and is working toward becoming a certified emergency manager (CEM). Beth has been involved with AFMA since 1998 and served as treasurer from 1999 to 2007.
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From the Chair
As we turn final pages of the calendar in 2008 and head into the holidays, our thoughts are of a year that has been a challenging one in the floodplain management community.
Record rainfall gave way to record flooding throughout the state of Arkansas and beyond. Certainly there is much to learn from these events, especially whether or not flood prevention best practices were observed and implemented.
We often see news and information illustrating property loss, but seldom do we see the other side of the story that should illustrate the many flood-proofing success stories throughout Arkansas.
It is up to us as floodplain managers to ensure that side of the story is told. As a group, we should continue our efforts of being in the forefront of flood awareness. Individually, each of us has a responsibility to work on a local level with contractors, bankers, realtors and insurance agents. Together we can save lives and property.
We continue our introduction of the new AFMA board this month with a look at the five regional representatives. This group of professionals is dedicated to assisting you at the local level and I encourage each of you to take advantage of this great service offered by AFMA.
Any time you have a question or a special situation in your area that requires outside assistance and / or advice, please feel free to log on to the AFMA website and click on the regional representatives link to find out whom to contact. Better yet, donít wait until you need assistance. Why not contact your representative today and invite them to come tour your area? They will be glad to visit with you.
AFMA will begin a new program in 2009 on a regional level. We anticipate at least one set of meetings in each region to further the relationships among floodplain managers in each area of the state. These meetings will be free and I hope you will make plans to join the group in your respective region when the meeting dates are set.
Our annual membership renewal campaign kicked off November 1st and I am happy to report a number of you are really on top of things this year by already completing your renewal for 2009. Please remember that all memberships expire on December 31, 2008. We hope you consider all the benefits that come with being a member of AFMA. Click here to renew your membership now.
A number of you have been requesting that AFMA accept credit / debit cards to pay for things like membership and conference fees. I am happy to report we have successfully implemented a very secure online card payment system and encourage all who can, to take advantage of this new timesaving feature on the AFMA web site. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Jim Narey, CFM
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