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Inside This Edition December 2006
Meet the AFMA Board for 2007
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Part II - Regional Representatives
John Burton
John Burton, PLS, CFM
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John has served as the county surveyor with the Pulaski County Road & Bridge Department since 2002 and is responsible for survey and floodplain technical reviews. He has been involved with AFMA since 2003, the year he also became a certified floodplain manager. John is often seen at AFMA events as a speaker on the subject of proper surveying techniques as it relates to floodplain issues and the importance of benchmarks for determining elevations in the floodplain.
Kathleen Davis
Kathleen Davis
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Kathleen is a planning coordinator for the Benton County Planning Department. She has been with Benton County for more than five years and is responsible for taking minutes of the planning commission meetings. She’s most notable as the pleasant voice on the other end of the phone when anyone calls the department. Kathleen has been involved with AFMA since 2003 and is studying to become a certified floodplain manager.
Ray Sowell
Ray Sowell, CFM
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Ray has been the building inspector for the city of De Queen since 2000 and is responsible for code enforcement, building inspection, 911 addressing, and floodplain management. He is also a full-time fire fighter and sits on the Sevier County Plumbing Apprenticeship Board. Ray is currently working to update the floodplain ordinance in his 5.6 square-mile city of more than 6,000 residents. Involved with AFMA since 2001, he became a certified floodplain manager in 2004 and has served as the organization’s southwest representative since 2005.
Teddy Hooton
Teddy Hooton, PE, CFM
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Teddy has been the street superintendent for the city of Jonesboro since 2004. Although he has been involved with AFMA for slightly more than a year, his career in floodplain management started back in 1995 when he began working for Jonesboro as the city’s assistant engineer. Teddy manages three divisions – construction, maintenance, and drainage - each of which plays an important part in floodplain management throughout the city. He is a registered professional engineer and became a certified floodplain manager in 2005.
Greg Garner
Greg Garner, PE, CFM
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Greg has worked in planning and zoning for the city of Pine Bluff for more than 27 years. He is currently serving as the city’s zoning official and floodplain administrator. Greg also serves on the technical advisory board of the Bayou Bartholomew Alliance and on the board of directors for the Pine Bluff / Jefferson County Clean and Beautiful Commission. He has been involved with AFMA since 1998 and became a certified floodplain manager in 2002.

Membership Renewal Continues!
The annual membership renewal campaign is in full swing! Your current AFMA membership will expire on December 31, 2006.

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Don’t miss out, 2007 promises to be an exciting year!
Conrad Battreal
Our introduction of the 2007 AFMA Board members continues this month with a look at our regional representatives. If you missed our last edition of Flood Zone, we introduced the executive committee in November. You can read it here.
As for the regional representatives, these floodplain management professionals were elected at the fall conference by peers from their respective parts of the state.
AFMA is structured as five regions (Northwest, Southwest, Central, Northeast, Southeast) in an effort to localize education opportunities and floodplain management assistance. Beginning in 2007, these representatives will contact every AFMA member in their region to formally make introductions and develop a needs assessment.
This information will help AFMA determine what type of education is most needed and where. Many of you have expressed a desire for additional training opportunities throughout the year. Your feedback will enable us to do just that.
Of course you don’t have to wait to hear from your regional representative. These professionals are always available to take your call, meet with you, and point you in the right direction if your community is in need of assistance.
Our annual membership renewal campaign is underway. If you are an AFMA member, you should have already received the first notice. Current memberships expire on December 31, 2006.
We have greatly improved your membership renewal experience by moving the entire process online. If you haven’t renewed yet, click here to get started. All you have to do is enter your email address and create a free user account that will open up a world of convenience when it comes time to register for AFMA events.
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And there’s so much more when the new AFMA web site launches in January 2007! We hope you are enjoying the new Flood Zone and that you are looking forward to all the improvements 2007 will bring. As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome, at any time.
Conrad Battreal, PE, CFM
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