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2012 AFMA Fall Conference Announced CFM Exam Registration
2012 AFMA Awards Nominations Board Elections
2012 Fall Conference Next Week

2012 AFMA Fall Conference
Embassy Suites Hotel
Hot Springs, Arkansas

September 23 - 26, 2012

AFMAThis multi-day event provides a comprehensive review of sound floodplain management best practices, complete with expert presentations from federal agencies, other state floodplain management associations, and peers from among the AFMA membership.

Topics this year include:

  • NFIP Reform and Compliance

  • Floodplain Management Legal Workshops

  • Levees, SRP and Discovery

  • Low Impact Development and Drainage

View the 2012 AFMA fall conference agenda.

Click here for additional information about directions and hotel accommodations.

CFM Exam Registration

Sunday, September 23
Oaklawn Room
Embassy Suites Hotel
1:30 – 4:30 pm

CFMThe Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) program was created by AFMA to raise and maintain the professional standards of those individuals that manage floodplains, wetlands and watersheds within the state of Arkansas. The program is designed to certify competency with the basic principles of sound floodplain management as mandated and encouraged by the NFIP.

To register for this exam, please contact CFM Program Manager Mike Borengasser.

CFM© is a registered trademark of
the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM).
AFMA Awards Nominations

2012 AFMA Awards Luncheon
Tuesday, September 25
Grand Salon
Embassy Suites Hotel
12:00 – 1:45 pm

AFMA Awards

Honoring communities, individuals, corporations and agencies that excel in the field of floodplain management, AFMA solicits nominations from among its membership for recognition at the annual awards luncheon. The program is a great way to promote flood safe communities and the professionals that make it happen.

Click here to make your nominations now!

Board Elections

Wednesday, September 26
Grand Salon
Embassy Suites Hotel
8:00 to 8:30 a.m.

ElectionsDuring the 2012 business meeting, positions on the AFMA Board of Directors will become vacant and immediately available through election. Any full member in good standing of the Arkansas Floodplain Management Association is eligible to run for office. Available positions include:

Vice Chairman Northwest Region Representative
Secretary Southwest Region Representative
Treasurer Northeast Region Representative
Central Region Representative Southeast Region Representative

In accordance with the AFMA Constitution, the current vice chairman automatically becomes the chairman for the next biennial period. The current chairman becomes the past chairman for the next biennial period as well. Board members serve for a period of two years. The next election will be held at the 2014 Fall Conference.

Board Elections
AFMA 2012 Fall Conference

AFMA 2012 Fall Conference
Embassy Suites Hotel
Hot Springs, Arkansas
From the Chair
As we all prepare to leave for the weekend and many of us head for the 2012 AFMA fall conference in Hot Springs, I wanted to take a quick moment and share a few thoughts.
This is my last conference as chairman of AFMA and I want to offer thanks to everyone that has worked behind the scenes these last two years Ė as they do every year Ė to help make what Iím sure will be the BEST conference we have had.
I began my journey with AFMA back in 2008 when I was approached by our Communications Committee Chairman Danny Straessle about running for the position of vice chairman. As a member of other local state associations, I had always held AFMA in high regard and thought the association was top-notch when it came to industry associations in Arkansas.
I had big shoes to fill following in footsteps of past presidents like the great Craig Johnson, a timeless Conrad Battreal, pioneers like David Mackey and Jason Donham, my immediate predecessor Jim Narey and several others who brought their talents to bear and lead this organization for a period of time.
Itís a six-year commitment of intimate involvement with AFMA. Once elected as vice-chairman, the holder of that office automatically rolls into the chairman position after two years and into the past chairman position after another two years. The cycle continues and our organization moves forward with dedicated individuals who have learned the history of AFMA and are prepared with new ideas and innovative approaches.
I am illustrating this to you in preparation for our annual business meeting next Wednesday. You will be amazed at how AFMA has come a long way and is beginning to operate like a business. Iíll explain this at the meeting. The conference planning committee works to obtain the best deals throughout the year for our members. How many of you ever had a rate of $102 per night at the Embassy Suites in Hot Springs? Okay, yeahÖ Mr. Straessle just reminded me that Conrad scored a $94 per night room rate, but that was the first year the hotel opened. I just canít compete with Battreal!
In all seriousness, as a member and as a board member, I want to assure the entire membership that we have an excellent group of volunteers working together in sync to run this organization. This past two years has been tough. A few of our board members went through job changes (including unemployment) as well as employers that found it a little bit harder to justify employees volunteering their time in a budget-cutting environment.
Yet here we are! On the cusp of yet another AFMA fall conference. Funny how they roll around each year so quickly! This is an election year in AFMA and I would like to remind the entire membership that the organization is ALWAYS looking for new faces to participate. The AFMA board is certainly not a closed sub-group of the entire organization and to that end I would like to invite many of you to consider running for a board position.
Details and available positions are on the left side of the page. The only position NOT up for election is that of chairman and I am pleased to remind everyone that our leadership for the next two years will be provided by Mr. Troy Davis, CFM from the city of Bentonville, Arkansas.
That's all from my desk at the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas. It has been my sincere pleasure to lead this organization the past two years. And even though I am stepping down as chairman, I'll still be involved in the organization as I will automatically roll into the past chair position.
Looking forward to seeing everyone in Hot Springs. Please drive safely!
Richard Penn, PE, CFM
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