AFMA Announcement

At the request of ASFPM in August 2016, AFMA, Inc. reviewed information regarding a proposed Private Flood Insurance Bill that was gaining attention in Congress. This bill, HR 2901, was designed to make it easier for private flood insurance policies to be written in lieu of NFIP policies to meet the mandatory purchase requirement. The bill, which was passed through the House of Representatives using Unanimous Consent, has a companion bill in the Senate, S 1679.

As a result, AFMA, Inc. wrote letters to Senators Tom Cotton and John Boozman, and provided copies to Representatives Steve Womack, Bruce Westerman, French Hill, and Rick Crawford. While AFMA, Inc. is not opposed to an expanding role for private market flood insurance, we believe that there are some aspects to the legislation, as proposed, that need to be better defined or further addressed. To review the letters written by AFMA, Inc. please see the links below.

L-S Boozman 090516.pdf

L-S Cotton 090516.pdf

If you have any questions or would like to discuss these letters and postions, please contact AFMA, Inc. Chairman Lee Beshoner at