Turn Around Don’t Drown Program

Turn Around Don’t Drown Program

Turn Around Don’t Drown Program

  • Turn Around Don't Drown Signs in White County

Each year, flooding causes more deaths than any other weather hazard. Most of these deaths could be prevented as they occur in motor vehicles when people attempt to drive through flooded roadways. Many other lives are lost when people walk into or near flood waters. This happens because people underestimate the force and power of water, especially when it’s moving.

The Arkansas Floodplain Management Association, Inc. (AFMA) has received, through the Arkansas Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Division (formerly the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission) CAP-SSSE grant, 50 “Turn Around Don’t Drown” signs, and is pleased to partner with the National Weather Service (NWS) in Little Rock again this year to provide a limited number of signs to communities in Arkansas. “Turn Around Don’t Drown” (or TADD) is a National Weather Service campaign to warn people of the hazards of walking or driving a vehicle through flood waters. If your community is interested in working with AFMA and the NWS to post them at locations where flash flooding often leads to water over the roads, please complete the form below and a representative from either organization will contact you shortly.

Please note that there are a limited number of signs available per year and the full request may not be filled right away. If you request more than one set of signs for your community, we (AFMA) will record the need for these types of flood awareness campaigns for possible fulfillment at a future date.


  1. Signs will be distributed based on the order in which the request was received. (Preference will be given to NFIP participating communities.)
    • 1 Set of signs will be distributed to each community regardless of initial request.
    • If at the end of the funding year (October 1st – September 30th) there are signs remaining, requests for additional sets may be filled based on the order in which they were received.
  2. All costs associated with installation, maintenance, or any other costs outside of delivery to the community are the sole responsibility of the community.
  3. The community is assumes all risk associated with installation, maintenance, or any other liability and and hereby indemnifies and saves harmless AFMA and its representatives from and against any and all liability and claims of liability of any and every kind and nature once the signs have been presented to the community.

  • (PLEASE NOTE: 1 Sign Set = 2 Signs)
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