FEMA Region 6 has developed a suite of products to assist community officials and their local Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff as they pair local data with the flood risk datasets delivered during a flood risk study in their watershed.? The flood risk datasets are developed for communities during the Risk Identification and Assessment Phase of a study. These data are delivered to the community through the Flood Risk Database (FRD) and may be available online at FEMA?s Map Service Center. The suite of products created to assist communities include ?Recipe Cards? on pairing these data with fact sheets about the datasets and recorded tutorials. These products are available for local community official use at http://www.riskmap6.com/Resources.aspx, under Information for Local Officials.

For communities that prefer a live tutorial on using these data to develop flood risk assessments and communication tools, a series of online training webinars, or ?Virtual Brown Bag? sessions, will be made available monthly.? Each Virtual Brown Bag session will focus on combining a specific flood risk dataset with local data to assess and communicate local risk.

Local community GIS and technical staff are encouraged to participate in the ?Virtual Brown Bag? sessions by registering online for the specific dates that cover the datasets they are interested in learning to use. Some of the datasets covered include: Depth Grids, Changes Since Last FIRM, Percent Annual Chance and Percent 30 Year Chance Grids, Water Surface Elevation Grids, and the Average Annualized Loss (AAL).

Sign up at https://r6virtualbrownbag.eventbrite.com